On 27th March Julia Davies was re-selected, by an over whelming majority, as the Liberal Democrats’ Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Stevenage.

Julia Davies & Nick Baskerville

Julia Davies & Nick Baskerville

Speaking at the meeting of local Lib Dems before the vital vote Julia said:

In the last General Election ours was the only one of the main political parties in Stevenage to improve their vote & nationally we had more MP’s elected than ever-we had good cause to celebrate!

However that wasn’t enough to make up for a continuation of the Labour government headed by Tony Blair. We still have a situation where there are hostilities in Iraq with thousands dying each month.

We can & must blame our Government for the weather: global warming is intensifying but the government shows little concern-last month’s budget was a lost opportunity to persuade the public by tax incentives how to choose the greenest options for heating & travel.

Julia went on to attack the way in which the NHS is funded & organised:

The people in this area were promised a new hospital, “but it never got beyond the drawing board thanks to the inadequacies of this government. The people of Stevenage deserve better!

Julia was congratulated by the recently elected Chair of Stevenage Liberal Democrats, Nick Baskerville:

We feel delighted that after a secret ballot the members present have convincingly chosen Julia to stand for us for a second time in Stevenage. We are sure that when the General Election comes round again she will be an effective & persuasive campaigner for the Liberal Democrat cause.