Julia Davies

Julia Davies

Julia Davies is standing for the second time in a general election for the Stevenage constituency on behalf of the Liberal Democrats.

Julia has been teaching at a Stevenage secondary school since 2006 and she recognises the urgent need for Liberal Democrat policies such as the pupil premium to improve the chances of the most deprived families gaining the best chance of achieving good qualifications.

Julia has said:

Stevenage is a town which could really benefit from changes in taxation. The lowest paid have been charged the highest proportion of tax under Labour which is a betrayal of all those voters who believed that Labour would offer them opportunities to get out of poverty; where there would be a financial incentive not to stay on benefits; where there would be realistic chances of poorer families gaining all the advantages of having at least one adult in paid work.

Julia Davies strongly supports the Liberal Democrat proposals to allow electors to force their MP to resign if they have behaved inappropriately: for example claiming expenses to which they were clearly not entitled. Julia thinks that:

Instead of spending excessive amounts on second homes, MPs living in the Home Counties should be experiencing the difficulties so many voters in Stevenage have and adding their voices to those who find transport systems into London are unsatisfactory and are calling for improvements to roads and rail links.

Julia continues to oppose the introduction of Identity Cards and would much prefer to see more police around the streets, more crime prevention and more effective exit controls so that people ordered to leave the country actually do so and do not disappear without trace. “Liberal Democrats have well thought out policies with the emphasis on justice, fairness and freedom from interference from the state,” she says.