Further to Councillor Robin Parker’s previous letter to the Stevenage Comet, Labour have continued to repeat their untruths about local Liberal Democrats.

Robin responds:

It was announced on Thursday 25 March that the Secretary of State, John Denham, has decided not to intervene over the planning application by Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) to build a replacement building for Thomas Alleyne School at Great Ashby. This means that the decision by HCC’s Development Control Committee on 2 March stands and that the Great Ashby building will go ahead under the Building Schools for the Future programme.

The Labour parliamentary candidate for Stevenage has recently made untrue public statements that local Liberal Democrats wanted to build the school instead on St. Nicholas Park. These untruths have been repeated in a Labour leaflet.

I wish to make it clear to residents that at no time did the Liberal Democrats want to build on St. Nicholas Park and we support the move of Thomas Alleyne to the Great Ashby site. In fact, at the HCC Development Control Committee meeting on 2 March, when what is now the final decision was taken, no Labour county councillors were present and the Liberal Democrat county councillors supported the Great Ashby site.

It is a shame that Labour are apparently so worried about their support amongst voters at the moment that they have to resort to claiming falsehoods to try and gain votes.

Robin Parker

Liberal Democrat Chells county councillor and Manor borough councillor