It is clear that the Labour candidate for parliament is not sure if she will win – otherwise why would she hedge her bets by standing for Stevenage Borough Council in Symonds Green Ward on the same day?

In ths letter to The Comet, local Liberal Democrat Group Leader on Stevenage Borough Council, Robin Parker, points out that voting Labour almost certainly means voting for thousands of pounds to be spent on an unnecessary byelection.

Letter To The Comet 21/4/2010:

In her Last Word column (Comet 15 April) Louise McEvoy makes the point that, in standing for both parliament and Stevenage Borough Council in the elections, the Labour candidate for parliament clearly shows her lack of confidence in winning, otherwise she would not need to hedge her bets.

Louise misses the other obvious point. If she wins both seats, it will almost certainly be physically and logistically impossible for her to fulfil both roles satisfactorily and hence a resignation from the Symonds Green council seat and subsequent byelection for the borough council is very likely. Thus, Labour voters in Symonds Green need to be aware that, if they vote Labour, they will be voting in favour of spending thousands of pounds of local council tax payers money on an unnecessary byelection.

Labour should know better, especially since we have been here before in 2005 when a Labour county councillor had to resign a few days after being elected, because he was going to accept a job with the county council.