Stevenage Consevatives tried to say they were opposed to the West Stevenage development at the Comet’s Question Time debate at the Arts and Leisure Centre on 21 April. However, the Liberal Democrat Group Leader on Stevenage Borough Council, Robin Parker, has a long memory and in a letter to The Comet he points out that the Tories supported West Stevenage at the council over many years!

Letter to The Comet 22/04/2010:

During the excellent candidates’ Question Time organized by The Comet at the Arts and Leisure Centre on 21 April, the Conservative candidate and supporters made several statements expressing their opposition to the West Stevenage development. They have repeated this in some leaflets.

In fact, the Conservative borough councillors on Stevenage Borough Council voted more than once, over some years, in favour of West Stevenage.

It was the Liberal Democrat group who stood out opposed to West Stevenage long after the Conservatives had given in to it.

It is also necessary to make clear, however, that the government did not ask the council “do you want the West Stevenage houses?”, but told us “you have got to have thousands of houses, so where are you going to put them?” It was in answer to the latter question that all parties on the council eventually voted (reluctantly in our case) for West Stevenage.