Julia Davies sets the record straight on voting in Stevenage. The message is: Vote Liberal Democrat to get Liberal Democrat.

Julia Davies has been reassuring her supporters that she wants them all to vote for the person and the policies which they want. See told suppoerters:

I have never known the character named by the Labour Party. I am told he was a member of the SDP but that he reverted to the Labour Party and never became a LibDem. Please do not be fooled by the Labour Party dirty tricks department which is delivering a letter trying to deceive the electors in the Stevenage Constituency . Let me be very clear: we want every supporter’s’ vote and I shall feel honoured and proud to receive each vote that is cast for me. It is time for a change from Labour.

Sharon must be really worried about us. First she mentions me in her election address and second she gets out a letter with a ridiculous claim about how we should vote. Well I think she will find that voters do not want her to tell them who to vote for – that is an insult if ever there was one! Stevenage electors are capable of making up their own minds about voting.

The Liberal Democrats are looking forward to an exciting night on May 6th in Stevenage!