In spite of David Cameron condemning scare stories being put out by political parties, Julia Davies has been correcting a scare story apparently spread on Saturday by Conservatives campaigning in Stevenage about Liberal Democrats and the euro. Julia assured supporters that it is the ultimate aim of Liberal Democrats to join the euro but that there would be no plan to do so until the economy was far stronger than at present.

Julia said:

The Liberal Democrats are the only party committed to playing a full part in the European Parliament. Nick Clegg is a former MEP and he is clear about the need to reform the EU and to cut waste – for instance ending the regular transfer to Strasbourg for sittings and instead allowing the European Parliament to remain continuously in Brussels.

Whilst the Liberal Democrats would wish to join the euro when it would be financially the best thing for our economy we are not rushing to do that if we win the General Election next month.

Many of the regulations which the European Union has introduced are ones which can help people in the UK. A particularly topical regulation is EU Regulation 261/2004 which demands that compensation will be paid to passengers whose flights have been cancelled for a variety of reasons when their flight was expected to leave a European Airport.

Julia Davies said that she hoped those who had found themselves stranded abroad by the ash from the Icelandic volcano have managed to get home without having to face exorbitant bills. ‘There may be some financial hardship because of delays; I do urge people to investigate whether they may make a successful claim by quoting that regulation.’