…to the 7,400+ voters who supported her on May 6, 2010

The general election on May 6th will long be remembered across the country because of the balanced nature of the result. The high turn-out was surely triggered by the televised leaders debates and the enormous interest that followed the first one in particular: that was a time when interest in the Liberal Democrats was at its height and three party politics had become the order of the day. Stevenage residents were also lucky to have had so many organisations hosting hustings so that the public had opportunities to meet the candidates and hear the policies of the main parties.

I am proud and grateful that in Stevenage the support for the Liberal Democrats held up well compared to the result in 2005. My warm thanks go to all who voted for us in both the General Election and the Borough Elections last Thursday. The campaign was noticeable for its fairness and the friendly rivalry between the hard-working candidates: I wish Stephen McPartland well as he begins his new job. I thank the Returning Officer and his counting assistants for their tireless and uncomplaining work on the night of May 6th.