Julia Davies and Robin Parker back the Campaign for Fairer Votes

Now that the new government has been agreed, Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Stevenage, Julia Davies, and also Stevenage Borough Council Liberal Democrat leader and local party Chair, Robin Parker, have both signed the petition calling for fair votes organised by the campaigning group Take Back Parliament.

Julia agrees with the editorial in the Guardian on Saturday May 8th-see below- which clearly demonstrates the unfairness of the current voting system:

‘Labour won 8.6m votes and 258 seats; the Lib Dems got 6.8m votes and 57 seats. It takes nearly four times as many people to deliver a seat for the Lib Dems as it does for Labour or the Tories. A profound injustice is committed when the system that is supposed to amplify the voice of the electorate distorts it instead.’

The Campaign for Fairer Votes <link no longer valid>