Herts Highways, set up and run by Tory dominated Hertfordshire County Council, have written to Chells County Councillor, Liberal Democrat Robin Parker, to say they could not find an orange flasher at a zebra crossing on Mobbsbury Way, Chells, Stevenage, which was reported to them by Robin on 22.5.2010, because it is out – despite Mobbsbury Way being a road currently under investigation by Herts Highways for safety concerns.

Said Robin Parker:

This is just another bungle by Herts Highways to add to my very long list of examples of total incompetence by them.

One orange flashing light being out may not sound much, but there have been at least three personal injury accidents to Nobel School students in that road in the last 9 months, so it is essential that the zebra crossing is properly and safely maintained. That is why I reported it, with an exact location, immediately I noticed it was not working, late on Saturday night.

“I got them to agree to commit £10,000 on a safety audit at that location a couple of months ago – so for Herts Highways to say they cannot find it is idiotic and ludicrous. They probably went to the wrong road – like last time – if indeed they bothered going anywhere. I have reported the fault again and have called an urgent meeting with top officials at Herts Highways to raise all these bungles.

The e mail Cllr. Robin Parker C.C. received is copied below.

The highway fault you reported on www.hertsdirect.org has been investigated and processed as stated below.

Reference Number: 1560730

Subject: Street Light Out Or Flickering

Description: Orange flasher at Mobbsbury Way zebra crossing is out. It is on the side of the school.

Reported date: 22/05/2010 23:03:23


Street: Mobbsbury Way

Town: Stevenage


Status: Unable to Locate

Notes: Job 948628 – Resolved Unable to Locate, We have inspected the location but the fault could not be found. If you believe that the fault still exists please log it again with more detailed information.

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