Local Liberal Democrats have launched their petition to Tory controlled Hertfordshire County Council, to get them to reduce from 10,000 to 1,000 the number of signatures needed for the council to debate a petition. Read the whole story, follow the link below and sign the petition please.

The Tory dominated Hertfordshire county council forced a minimum limit of 10,000 (10k) signatures needed on a petition in order for it to be debated by the council, at the council’s AGM on 18 May.

This is far too high. The main opposition 17 strong Liberal Democrat group proposed the limit should be only 1,000, but we were defeated by the Tories.

Local Liberal Democrat Chells Division county councillor Robin Parker said: “We objected to the 10,000 limit because it would, for example, mean that even if all the 9720 Chells Division voters – that is every voter in Chells Ward and Manor Ward – signed a petition, it would not be enough!”

He continued: “This is ludicrous, so local Liberal Democrats have launched a petition (needing 10,000 signatures!) to get this changed to 1,000.

Sign the petition here.