Stevenage Borough Council has published a handy pocket sized map of the town’s cycle routes. The map is available free of charge and is a comprehensive guide to Stevenage’s 45 km of cycle paths.

The guide forms part of the Cycling Strategy for Stevenage to encourage cycling by providing safe and convenient routes for all age groups. This will help to reduce traffic congestion, improve the urban environment and promote healthier lifestyles.

The guide is available from Council Offices and from a variety of cycling shops in Stevenage.


Cllr. Robin Parker said:

I chaired a scrutiny topic group on cycling in Stevenage in November 2009, and one of the main suggestions to come from that exercise was that an up to date map and guide should be produced, because the current one was out of date. I am very pleased that this recommendation from the scrutiny topic group has been acted upon already. Stevenage has an excellent asset in its cycleways and this will be one small way in which we can encourage greater use of them.

Cllr Ralph Raynor, Executive Member for Economy, Enterprise and Transport, said:

This guide shows just how easy it is to cycle around Stevenage. Our town benefits from a superb cycle network which makes cycling healthy and safe. The guide also contains lots of useful advice and information for all cyclists.