Enjoy a little ‘flutter’ every month, and in the process assist Stevenage Liberal Democrats to become an even stronger force in Stevenage community politics.

Members are reminded that, in common with many other Branches of our Party, Stevenage Liberal Democrats operate a fund-raising lottery called the “100 Club” under Licence from the Local Authority. Three cash prizes are paid among players monthly.

The arrangement allows for a modest surplus to be retained in Party funds, and is an important element of our working finances. Naturally, as our Membership is growing, and our campaigning activity gains momentum, Party operating costs will rise. Thus we are anxious at this time to increase participation in the 100 Club.

At present, close to seventy shares have been taken up.

Individual ‘Shares’ -with unique numbers (from 1-100 currently) are offered to participants in return for a formal commitment to subscribe £1 monthly in respect of each share taken up, until amended by further notice. Payment has to be in advance by means of a Standing Order against the players’ personal bank accounts. Payment frequency is at the player’s own choice, and the Executive will accept monthly, quarterly, half-yearly of even annual credits.

There is technically no limit to the number of shares which a player may hold, although under current arrangements there is a notional limit of 100 in all. Given higher demand this would be increased: the more shares taken up, the more and bigger the prizes.

Lately we have been paying out: 1st. Prize £15, 2nd. Prize £5, and 3rd. prize £2.50. Because demand has now increased there will soon be a motion before Executive seeking to increase the 1ST. PRIZE TO £20, 2nd prize to £10 and the 3rd, prize to £5.

Participants may select their own ‘favourites’ from available numbers not thus far secured by any other player. All of the allocated shares are entered every calendar month into a Prize Draw, when three winning numbers are drawn, and a cash prize awarded for each. Every share enjoys an equal chance of winning. This blind draw, under the supervision of the Party Treasurer, is made by a Committee Member – with a witness- at the scheduled monthly Executive meeting.

Joining is easy: just call Leonard Lambert, Party Treasurer, on (01438) 226431 (voice mail) or write to 1, Brunel Rd., Stevenage SG2 0AB and ask for a 100 Club Standing Order Mandate. Return completed forms to Leonard and he will advise you of all available share number(s) and pass the S.O. to your Bank for action. Payment day of the month is up to you. Once the numbers to be allocated are chosen, and as soon as the first payment comes in, those numbers will commence to be included in successive prize draws.

Members’ friends also welcome: players don’t have to be Party members.