On Saturday 26th September, supporters of the Liberal Democrats and Labour party teamed up for a stall in Stevenage town centre to promote the May 5th Alternative Vote referendum, and to gather signatures for the non-partisan TakeBackParliament.com petition for voting reform.

Julia Davies, Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Stevenage in the May general election, was at the Liverpool Conference earlier in the week and attended a rally organised by the Electoral Reform Society when Nick Clegg called for a YES vote in the referendum on the alternative voting system.

Yes Campaigners in Steve

Julia told fellow campaigners:

It is great to see co-operation between Labour activists and Liberal Democrats in the lead-up to the May Referendum. The Alternative voting system will ensure that there will never be a government with less support than the opposition parties: something we have suffered from for too long in the UK! In the last two elections here the winning Parliamentary candidate won less than 50% of the vote.

Julia went on to say how encouraging it was to find people in Stevenage keen to sign the petition and show support and interest.

Will Cross, John Henry Newman School, Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform Youth and Student officer:

I was very pleased that so many people in Stevenage were interested in the upcoming Alternative Vote referendum, especially young people. Many of them will be voting for the first time in the referendum next May, and it’s great that rather than feeling alienated from politics, they want to make the system fairer and more democratic.