Stevenage Liberal Democrat councillor Robin Parker has made it clear that he is “appalled” by the behaviour of the Labour group on Stevenage Borough Council at the full council meeting on 6 October 2010 during a debate on a motion to support the campaign for a Cancer Treatment Centre with Radiotherapy Services at Lister Hospital. A campaign petition was started by Stevenage MP, Conservative Stephen McPartland, and has been supported by the local Comet newspaper.

Robin said:

I went to the meeting hoping that the debate on the motion would not be party political. However, several Labour speakers used it as a

platform to attack Coalition government policies, the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives and they made long speeches which were totally irrelevant, about schools funding and other issues. Obviously there should be no party politics in cancer care and treatment and I was appalled at the attitude of the Labour councillors. All three parties voted for the motion.

Councillor Robin Parker

Councillor Robin Parker CC

Speaking in the debate, Robin Parker praised the Conservatives for starting the petition and congratulated the local Labour Party for collecting signatures for it in the Town Centre. He confirmed that, quite apart from asking all local party members to sign the petition, the matter had been taken up by both himself and Liberal Democrat Stevenage parliamentary candidate, Julia Davies, with Liberal Democrat Minister of State for the Department of Health, Paul Burstow.

About the catcalls and attempts at shouting him down by the Labour group, Robin said: “I see nothing wrong with politicians saying “well done” to each other, even if they are in different parties. I was totally bemused that Sharon Taylor and Simon Speller attacked me verbally for saying what a good job Labour had done in helping to get petition signatures! Did they hear what I had said and, if so, did they understand it?”