The local Advertiser and Comet newspapers recently published a letter from local Chells County Councillor and Manor Borough Councillor, Liberal Democrat Robin Parker, informing local residents how they may view and, if they wish, make observations about or object to the planning application for the major redevelopment at Marriotts School (Advertiser Letters, 29 September and Comet Letters, 30 September).

Unfortunately, due to a fault in the system at County Hall, the link he gave did not work properly so details could not be seen and also the key word to enter to find the link was unnecessarily lengthy. He has had both problems put right. The planning application and details can now be viewed here. Then choose “Current” and enter keyword “Marriotts”.

Meanwhile, since that letter, another planning application has been published for major works at The Nobel School, Mobbsbury Way. As with the Marriotts application, local residents nearby the site should have received a consultation letter although anyone can comment or object, wherever they live, and Robin has made sure that the matter will be referred back to himself before a decision is finally made, even if no planning objections are received. The Nobel planning application and details can now be viewed as for Marriotts except you must enter keyword “Nobel”. Of course, letters can instead be sent to the County Development Unit, County Hall, SG13 8DN.

Robin has checked, and reports that both sites work properly now!