Some of the fiercest and most acrimonious confrontations between nations have come about through ‘meddling in the internal affairs of another sovereign nation.’ It has been complained of by Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, India, middle-eastern countries etc. etc. Surely the same principle is involved where the Leader of the Stevenage Borough Council keeps poking her nose into the internal affairs of business, commerce and various other self-contained (even if State-funded) organisations. Look how she and erstwhile MP Barbara Follett paraded outside the Land Registry office in Stevenage town centre. Where did that get them?

Does she not realise that her position as Leader of a Party political entity ipso facto is bound to politicise everything previously non-political that she addresses publicly. It’s as if she sees her role as like that of Mayor (duties utterly non-political), and is not content to serve as Leader of the Labour group on the Council. She is to speak TO Stevenage, but it is the role of others to speak FOR Stevenage.

Here she goes again trying to tell Royal Mail how to organise its operations throughout this region of the country. It’s bad enough that so many employees are totally without faith or trust in those who run the businesses in which they are employed, but once the politicos start muddying the waters even further, what hope can there be for logical solutions?

The Stevenage Depot is not scheduled to close, but would handle Hitchin / Welwyn business. Won’t that need staffing locally, just as now? So what is the “problem” for Stevenage? If there is a problem (and I am sure Royal Mail must have thought about it) they still need to staff the Hemel Hempstead facility. Let ‘them as wants to’ apply: simple! Nobody is forcing anyone to move.

In any case I sincerely doubt whether the whole workforce is genuinely committed anyway -witness (as a simple f’rinstance) the hundreds of thousands of new elastic bands that litter our streets, gateways and doorsteps in certain parts of town, when by rights they should be taken back to be used again and again. That is just one of the needless costs which are responsible for Royal Mail’s lack of viability and competitiveness.