The best efforts of local Chells county councillor, Liberal Democrat Robin Parker, to make sure 4 new salt/grit bins were in place in Chells for the winter weather have been temporarily beaten – by snow and ice!

Robin, who is also a borough councillor for Manor ward, said:

I lobbied officials at Hertfordshire Highways (who run highways for Hertfordshire County Council) in July 2010 for a salt/grit bin at four locations in my Chells division.

I asked for a new bin at Ross Court elderly persons complex, in response to requests from residents there. I also asked for two bins in Pankhurst Crescent, one in each arm of the road. I also put Harvey Road on my request. Both Pankhurst Crescent and Harvey Road have considerable inclines and in snow and ice they can be particularly difficult for both pedestrians and drivers.

The resources are scarce for salt bins, so I was limited in how many I could ask for, but I was very pleased that, although a total of only four new bins were agreed for the whole of Stevenage, following my lobbying, all 4 are for Chells.

When they had not arrived by this month, I made enquiries, to be told that the bins are actually stuck in Scotland, where the supplier is based – because of snow and ice on Scottish roads delaying movement of vehicles!

To say the least, it is a bit ironic, but I am promised the bins will be placed and filled as soon as possible. I will keep checking if they have arrived and that, when they have, they are filled.