Liberal Democrats at County Hall have published a list of New Year Resolutions for the Conservative Administration to adopt.

Hertfordshire County Council Lib Dem Leader Chris White said, “We all saw the dreary self-serving broadcast to the county by the Tory leader. This is our response: get real and get listening.”

Herts County Council should resolve:

  1. to target management overheads and leave front-line services intact when dealing with the budget settlement
  2. to stop being so complacent: no-one really believes the county council is wonderful – certainly not Ofsted
  3. to get in some accountancy help so that you can publish the council’s accounts on time: no point in being a laughing stock in 2011 as well as 2010
  4. to dismantle the council’s propaganda department: it can’t take twelve staff to bore the county’s press to death, surely?
  5. to sort out the legal department so it serves the people of Hertfordshire rather than being used as an instrument to bully residents who step out of line
  6. to get its act together over school places: we have waited long enough for the mistakes of the past to be corrected – but all the while children’s education is suffering

Chris concluded, “It’s a modest list. Is the Leader of the Council modest enough to take it on?”