I received this today, I thought I would pass it on.

The supporters of the old politics have a problem.

They refuse to defend the current system, and as has been reported this week in the Financial Times, they are now even confused about which MPs support them.

We need you to write to your MP and ask them if they’re for Yes or for No.

Take a moment now to explain to your MP why you want change. And if they don’t want change, ask them why they support first past the post. All we want is clarity:

As of this week, the referendum is only four months away. It’s time for your MP to pick a side.

Are they afraid to work a little bit harder? Or do they back the Westminster “jobs for life” culture?

Either way – we want them on the record. Do they want to give voters more of a say? Or do they want business as usual?

Ask your MP “Yes or No” now:

Ask five friends to write to their MPs too. The more letters MPs receive, the more pressure they’ll feel to pick a side.


Katie Ghose