Dear Sir

Two of your correspondents (Advertiser Letters 6 April) have the wrong idea.

First, Brian Morgan states that money saved by his proposed spending cuts could be used to “pay off our debt”. The current spending cuts, forced on the Coalition government by over spending (on borrowed money) by the previous Labour government, are nothing to do with paying off our debts. Even if the deficit is reduced as planned to zero by 2015, not one penny of the UK debts will have been paid off. All that will have happened is that there will be no more extra borrowing. The mountain of debt, over £1,000 billion, accumulated by various past governments but massively added to by the last Labour government, will still remain, to be paid off by someone at some time in the future.

Doug Landman illogically advises people to vote “against the coalition” (whatever that means) in forthcoming local elections. Since there is no coalition between any parties in local councils here, this does not make sense. In any case, if people wish to express their concern at Labour’s spending cuts, then they need to remember that it was Labour who caused the need for the cuts, by borrowing huge sums even in the good years when revenue was pouring in to the Treasury. It makes sense to borrow in a recession, but not in a boom!

I hope people will vote on local council related issues in the council elections – as indeed I have always asked voters to do. Council elections are not, and never have been, a referendum on any government.

Yours sincerely

Robin Parker

(Liberal Democrat borough and county councillor and local party Chair)