Robin Parker, who was first elected councillor in 1982, has been returned to Manor ward with a majority of 366 [15.4%].

  • Robin Parker (Liberal Democrat) 982 (Elected) [41.3%]
  • Labour 616 [25.9%]
  • Conservative 610 [25.7%]
  • UKIP 168 [7.1%]

Turnout 47.63% (the highest by far in Stevenage – again!)

Robin said:

Councillor Robin Parker

Councillor Robin Parker CC

I would like to thank the voters of Manor Ward for, once again, putting their trust in me to represent them. I sincerely appreciate their support and I particularly thank those who normally support another party, but voted for me this time to keep an active opposition on Stevenage Borough Council and in recognition of the work that I, and my Manor councillor colleagues, John Mead and Graham Snell, have done locally.

It is often disappointing when people vote in local elections according to national issues, to do with the government of the day, whereas I have always believed and said that local elections are about local issues and local representation. So, I am glad that the voters here enabled us to withstand the national swing by responding to my very local campaign.

Many thanks to anyone who helped.