This from Amnesty International this morning:

Syria is becoming an ever more dangerous place for those daring to demand political reform. Over 540 people have died since protestors first took to the streets in March and hundreds more have been arbitrarily arrested, detained and tortured.

One recently released detainee told us how he was stripped, beaten and then made to lick his own blood off the floor.

And we have received accounts of government tanks shelling civilian areas, and of security forces using snipers to target people trying to help wounded protestors.

Take action to stop the bloodshed now

As security was further heightened ahead of last Friday’s Day of Defiance, human rights activists across the country were forced into hiding after receiving threats from the authorities.

Please support our call for Syria to be referred to the International Criminal Court, and urge President al-Assad to stop the killing by immediately reining in the army and security forces. Sign our petition

Thank you once again for your continued support – it is making a huge difference.

Kate Allen

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