Housing association receives cash boost from its local county councillor.

Cllr. Robin Parker (Chells) has given £750 from his locality budget to a housing association in Stevenage.

Affinity Sutton Housing Association run Ross Court in Chells, Stevenage which is a sheltered cul-de-sac of 14 bungalows for elderly people. Following a petition for help from residents Cllr Parker has been able to fund a salt bin to be placed in Ross Court and the additional funds will help with preparations.

Slabs will be laid for safe siting of the bin and there will be funds left over for refilling it, for what we hope will be several years afterwards.

Cllr. Parker said: “This additional funding will allow the salt bin project to go ahead. Elderly residents will benefit from having an accessible salt bin right next to their homes (as they requested in their petition) ready for any potentially hazardous weather conditions.”

A total of £10,000 is available to each of the 77 members of Hertfordshire County Council to spend on worthwhile community projects in their area.

Locality budgets were launched in July 2009, with funding to be used for worthy social, economic or environmental causes in Hertfordshire. For information on how to apply for funding under the scheme, visit www.hertsdirect.org and type ‘locality budgets’ into the search box.