Stevenage LibbyI think we all were a bit disappointed by May’s elections results in Stevenage. Admittedly there was a large national swing against us, but we could have done better.

We fielded candidates in only 11 of 13 Stevenage wards and UKIP beat us into fourth place in 8 of those. In the past we did a lot better than this in Stevenage. With your help we can again.

We have a vision of the Liberal Democrats campaigning in every ward in Stevenage. We want to once more be a constituency wide party. We want there to be an effective opposition in Stevenage. We believe that should be us.

For this to happen we need you.

It is not an easy task, we have a long way to go, but with your help we can do it. If you share our vision and want to help the Lib Dems become a constituency wide party again please get in contact. Any help, no matter how small, will be greatly appreciated.

If you have never been actively involved in a political campaign before now is the time to start. There are free training sessions being run by the party in St Albans. Or, if you have campaigned before and have become a little rusty, why not come along and brush up your old skills and help rebuild the Lib Dems in Stevenage.