Cllr Graham Snell

Cllr Graham Snell


Today (Friday 8th July) I attended the official opening of Stevenage Town Gardens. Unfortunately we experienced one of the delights of a British Summer, a downpour of magnificent proportions. I am sure the recently planted flowers welcomed the rain but the “Brolly Brigade” did not.

I felt very sorry for the staff and children of Vincent de Paul School who had walked down from the school to perform a presentation about the story of the Town Gardens. They were only able to sing only one song about the Gardens before having to return to school. I understand they worked very hard preparing for this day, but I have been told they will get the opportunity to perform it at the school.

During a sunny break from the rain we listened to speeches from various people explaining the recent history of how and where the money had been found for the refurbishment of the Park. I have to congratulate the Mayor Carol Latif for the way she tailored her speech to the circumstances and kept if short and to the point.

I had been asked by various people before attending this event why in these times of financial difficulty so much was spent on the Gardens, to put it in a nutshell most of the money, about £2 million, has been given from various National Lottery Funds, as the person from the Heritage Lottery Fund said in her speech, the money was not given by them but has come from the people who buy the Lottery tickets, although during the approx 10 years of selling the lottery I don’t remember many saying much about contributing to good works.

If you get a chance to visit the Gardens I am sure you will be impressed . I only hope it will be looked after.

Cllr. Graham Snell
Manor Ward
Stevenage Borough Council