The Liberal Democrats at County Hall have expressed concerns over the way in which the county council is rolling out its plans to switch off street lights at night.

Lib Dem Leader Chris White, who raised the issue at this week’s full council meeting, said:

The goal of switching off street lights at night is a good one. But the way in which the county council is approaching it has thrown up a number of problems:

  1. Why is midnight chosen as the cut off time? it is not unusual for people working in London or going out to the theatre to return home after midnight? They will not thank you for being obliged to carry a torch on the off chance.
  2. What is the county council going to do to repair pavements on well-walked routes so that they don’t start getting a huge increase in compensation claims from residents who have turned their ankle?
  3. Why is the county council refusing to consult directly with parish councils and district councillors? The maps we have so far seen throw up all sorts of anomalies which will bring the policy into disrepute.
  4. What say will the public have in all this? What informations will they be given once decisions have been made to switch lights off?

If they go on like this they will raise public outcry and thus effectively torpedo their own policy.