I received the following message today:

Following some isolated incidents of criminal disorder in Waltham Cross on the night of Sunday 7th August and unfolding events in London Hertfordshire Constabulary are fully prepared for any incidents that could occur.

Monday passed with no incidents of criminal disorder in the county and mutual aid was provided to the Met Police.

Hertfordshire Constabulary continue to monitor the situation and we will deploy resources where necessary to respond swiftly and effectively, should any trouble occur.

Anyone caught causing trouble will be dealt with robustly.

Currently the situation is calm with no incidents or issues anywhere in the county. Officers are on patrol to provide reassurance to the community and day to day policing is being maintained.

We are aware of wildly inaccurate rumours of disorder in the county on some social networking sites and we are constantly monitoring the situation. These rumours are not accurate and they have been rebutted through the Constabulary’s own social media activity. Please help us to dispel any concern locally.

Members of the public are encouraged to contact Hertfordshire Constabulary if they have any information. They can contact the non-emergency number 101.

To contact Hertfordshire Constabulary click here: [email protected].