The Volunteer Police Cadet scheme in Stevenage is getting a funding boost from a local county councillor.

County Councillor Robin Parker (Chells) has contributed £1,000 from his locality budget to help cover general costs involved in running the training scheme, such as the provision of uniforms for the Cadets.

Other expenses include equipment for camping and team-building exercises, accommodation, travel and general running costs.

A total of £10,000 is available to each of the 77 members of Hertfordshire County Council to spend on worthwhile community projects in their area.

The Cadet scheme is run on a self-funded, voluntary basis and is open to young people (aged from 13 to 18) from the borough. As well as undergoing training and team-building exercises relevant to policing, the Cadets assist with community-based activities and events such as Remembrance Day.

Cllr Parker said:

The Police Cadet scheme offers young people the opportunity to gain experience, skills and recognised qualifications that will stand them in good stead, whatever career they want to pursue in later life. As with any volunteer-based project, running costs and other expenses need to be met, so I’m pleased to contribute towards the scheme this year.

Locality budgets were launched in July 2009, with funding to be used for worthy social, economic or environmental causes in Hertfordshire. For information on how to apply for funding under the scheme, visit