7.30 pm Monday 3 October 2011, at The Nobel School, Mobbsbury Way

The three Liberal Democrat Stevenage borough councillors for Manor Ward have arranged a Public Forum, so that local residents can come along and tell us:

  • what you think the area needs
  • ideas on what we should spend our new local community budgets.

Stevenage Borough Council (SBC) used to run Forums and Action Teams four times a year but, earlier this year, as a result of SBC’s spending cuts, all Forums/Action Teams town wide were discontinued. The councillors have decided to arrange continuing Public Forums and The Nobel School have kindly given us the opportunity to use their premises.

The three Liberal Democrat Manor Ward borough councillors (who are expected to be present at the Forum) are:

  • John Mead
  • Robin Parker (Robin is also the Hertfordshire county councillor for both Manor Ward and neighbouring Chells Ward)
  • Graham Snell

In order to make it easier for residents to contact all local councillors, John, Robin and Graham decided to join with the three neighbouring Chells Ward borough councillors (all of whom are Labour) to hold a joint Chells Ward and Manor ward Public Forum.