The previous post  is how we reported Stevenage Borough Council’s very poor staff absence record 18 months ago, in June 2010. Last week the council announced that the situation was improved, with an average of about 6.5 days absence per member of staff per year. Local Liberal Democrat borough and county councillor Robin Parker says:

“I have raised the issue of high levels of staff absence at Stevenage Borough Council a number of  times in my many years on the council, most recently in June 2010. I am pleased that, following the publicity that I gave to this failing of the Labour council, they have finally taken action. The question is – why did they not do so sooner, when I first raised this problem? The Labour council continued to waste council tax payers money by refusing to get to grips with their failing for many years.

It has to be said that most council officials work very hard, in very difficult circumstances, and rarely get the recognition that they deserve. So, was the high absence rate a result of Labour’s complacency or were they working staff to an extent that they become ill?”