Chells Liberal Democrat county councillor, Robin Parker, has discovered that Hertfordshire Highways knew as long ago as July 2011 of a planned important road safety feature, and totally failed to inform him (as the local county councillor) or other concerned residents and organisations – until they eventually sent a letter second class to him, which arrived with him on 26.1.2012, a week after it was written, and only after Robin had raised residents’ safety fears with officials.

Robin Parker said that leaving us all in the dark over such an important issue was “a massive failure by Hertfordshire Highways.” He has taken it up with top managers at the Conservative controlled Hertfordshire County Council, who operate Hertfordshire Highways.

The problem surfaced earlier in January, as Robin predicted months ago it would, when Tesco opened their new Express store at The Glebe in Chells. “Delivery lorries stop on the side of Mobbsbury Way, effectively blocking one side of this busy road, near the major junction with Chells Way, and this happens especially in the morning rush hour, during which time there are usually 4 deliveries to Tesco each day. A number of residents have complained to me and I have experienced the problems myself,” said Robin Parker.

He continued: “Having now investigated the matter thoroughly, I find that the traffic consultants used by Tesco tell me that they first suggested a loading bay, to ease the likely problem, to Hertfordshire Highways officials in July 2011. I am told that it was planned to open the loading bay at the same time as the store (on 13.1.2012) but administrative delays at Hertfordshire Highways prevented this.”

Robin has now obtained, and published for the public, full details of the proposed loading bay, which are out for informal consultation, and has had detailed discussions with the traffic consultant about many important details of the scheme. [See attached plans.]

Robin reports: “The loading bay will be cut into the verge along Mobbsbury Way, outside Tesco’s premises, and will be large enough for 3 cars. It will be restricted for only loading or unloading goods vehicles (for any premises at The Glebe, not just for Tesco) from 7.00 – 11.00 Monday to Saturday inclusive. At other times, the loading bay can be used for parking or loading or unloading by any vehicle – so effectively it increases off street parking at The Glebe, which is a step in the right direction.”

“All the costs and associated works, will be paid for by Tesco, and not by local council taxpayers. I have asked for some nearby remodelling of highway features like bollards and verges to be done at the same time.”

“The loading bay and associated works should be complete by the end of February 2012, and I will be keeping a close check on progress” concluded Robin Parker.

Comments on the proposed scheme can be made, as soon as possible, to Derek Crosby, in the Traffic Order Services (Developments) department on 01707 356304 or e mail [email protected]

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