At the full Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) meeting on 21.2.2012, the main opposition (17 strong Liberal Democrats) group proposed a number of changes to the majority Conservative Corporate Plan. [For full list of Liberal Democrat proposals, see attachment.]

The Corporate Plan lists the long term aims and priorities of Hertfordshire County Council (HCC).

Liberal Democrats proposed that the Corporate Plan should state that HCC will work to avoid any increase in congestion on Hertfordshire’s roads and increase the proportion of travel undertaken by sustainable means.

They also suggested that HCC should aim to maintain access to and improve understanding of our countryside, work with others to improve the flow of water in Hertfordshire’s rivers and improve understanding of good design in our built environment.

These are issues which Liberal Democrats have raised numerous times but they were all voted down at the meeting by the majority Conservative group.

Local Liberal Democrat county councillor Robin Parker said: “It is a pity that the Tories chose to ignore our suggestions, all of which were made to improve the long term environmental prospects for Hertfordshire residents.”