Stevenage LibbyThere will be a public Residents’ Meeting as follows:

19.30 – 21.00 Monday 2 July 2012

Church Hall, Church of St. Hugh and St. John, Mobbsbury Way, Stevenage

It has been organised jointly by the 3 borough councillors for Chells Ward and the 3 borough councillors for Manor Ward on Stevenage Borough Council and the county councillor for Chells Division (which covers all of Chells Ward and Manor Ward) on Hertfordshire County Council.

Residents can attend and raise any issue with which the councillors may be able to help.

Local Liberal Democrat borough councillor for Manor Ward and county councillor for Chells Division, Robin Parker, and recently re-elected Liberal Democrat borough councillor, Graham Snell, are expected to be present.

Robin Parker said: “Liberal Democrats believe in working together with other parties when this is the interests of local residents. For example, our Members of Parliament work in the Coalition Government with the Conservatives at Westminster because, following the balanced parliament result of the last general election, this was the only workable solution in the interests of the country. Locally, the other councillors in Chells are Labour, so we are working here with Labour to hold this joint meeting for the benefit of local residents.”

“The Residents’ Meeting is an attempt to replace the former Public Forums, paid for and organised by Stevenage Borough Council, the funding for which was cut by the council from April 2011.”