Stevenage Libby

Local Liberal Democrat Chells county councillor, Robin Parker, has announced that he has given the go-ahead for the planned new unloading/loading lay-by in the verge of Mobbsbury Way, next to the controversial new Tesco store, to start being constructed from Monday 23 July, weather permitting. The lay-by is badly needed because, since the Tesco store opened in early January, delivery lorries, of which there are several most days, have to park on Mobbsbury Way, near the junction with Chells Way and this causes traffic congestion, especially at busy periods.

“I first raised the need for such a lay-by before the store opened. It turned out that Hertfordshire Highways already had an application from Tesco for such a lay-by, but Hertfordshire Highways had not bothered to tell me! Since then, I have been contacting either Hertfordshire Highways or Tesco’s agents almost weekly to urge progress. As is often the case, highways issues are complicated. There were legal hold-ups with this one, although both Tesco and Hertfordshire Highways were keen to get on with it.”

“Eventually, about a week ago, I was told they were ready to start work, but I opted for a start date of 23 July, rather than 2 July, so that as little extra disruption as possible will be caused, since schools break up on 20 July, so traffic volumes will be significantly less by 23 July.”

“The construction work will take about 7 days and will involve up to 2 days of three way traffic signal working at the junction – on school days, the congestion would have been too much, but I hope work can be done efficiently soon after 23 July. Also, some kerbs and road markings nearby will need changing.”

“The lay-by will be for only unloading/loading and only between the hours of 7 am – 11 am. Tesco will re-time their deliveries for this 4 hour window. Currently, deliveries are outside these times to avoid busy periods and too much traffic chaos in rush hours. It is not just for the use of Tesco, but any business at The Glebe can use the lay-by. Outside the 4 hour period from 7 am – 11 am, the lay-by can be used by any vehicle, whether or not they are unloading or loading.”

The lay-by will be paid for by Tesco.

“Let us hope the weather does not delay construction” concluded Robin Parker.