Stevenage Liberal Democrats say we’re not prepared to support expansion plans for Luton Airport…

Cllr Robin Parker and Cllr Graham Snell say they cannot justify extra noise and pollution, with what they call the “vague promises” of local economic growth.

A consultation is underway into plans to double the Luton airport’s capacity to 18 million passengers a year.

Chells County and Manor Borough Cllr Parker says he refuses to give those plans any support: “For my residents in Chells and Mobbsbury and Chells Manor, no increase in Luton Airport capacity or noise levels is acceptable.

I will not attempt to justify extra noise pollution to my residents with vague promises of local benefits by local economic growth.

Noise and flight paths come right over Chells, Mobbsbury and Chells  Manor. The official noise contour maps indicate that noise should not be a problem here, but residents often complain to me about aircraft noise – something over which I have no power whatsoever. It is particularly bad on Sunday evenings in summer, as holiday flights return.”

Cllr Parker continued: “If airport expansion is essential for the economic growth of the UK (which is not certain) then there are lots of other possibilities rather than ruining the lives of local people with constant noise pollution.

Local campaign groups have opposed the expansion of Luton Airport for the last 40 years to my certain knowledge” said Robin “and each time we have been promised benefits locally – I have yet to see any benefits of aircraft noise.”