Hertfordshire Liberal Democrats are stunned that the newly elected Conservative police Commissioner, David Lloyd, has announced that he will not only take his £75,000 a year PCC salary, but also collect over £18,000  as a county councillor and a Dacorum councillor, including carrying on as Chair of that Councils Development Control Committee.

Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group on Hertfordshire County Council, Stephen Giles Medhurst said, “On the 15th of November over 80% of Hertfordshire Residents chose not to vote in the Police Commissioner Elections, as they felt this should not be a political appointment. David Lloyd’s decision to treat this job as a part-time role while carrying on as a Conservative Councillor on two councils will not change public opinion about this.  I am very disappointed that he feels Policing and Crime do not deserve his full attention, I like almost everyone else I know believe that this is a full-time job.

“I can perhaps just about understand that to stand down from the county council at this stage would leave his Bridgwater  Division unrepresented as no election can be held before the County Elections next May when the whole council will be re-elected. However to carry on as both a Dacrorum Councillor and in a senior position as Chair of the Development Control Committee is frankly  an insult to everyone who voted  for him and his regard for the importance of the role he must now carry out for the whole of the county.”
Liberal Democrat Councillor Ron Tindall, the County-wide spokesperson on Crime and Policing added, ” I shall be monitoring Mr Lloyd closely.  The financial and operational challenges facing our police are a full-time job for anyone, this is not acceptable.”