Liberal Democrat LogoLiberal Democrats in the Coalition Government have delivered an extra £2,898,270 to Stevenage schools per year for 2013/2014.

The figure is the total amount for the Pupil Premium payments, for schools in Stevenage.

The Pupil Premium is a major Liberal Democrat priority which is being delivered by the Coalition Government.

The Pupil Premium is a scheme from the government which targets extra money to schools, depending upon how many pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds each individual school has. It covers any primary or secondary school pupil, who has been registered for free school meals in the last six years. It started in 2011/2012 at £400 per pupil and rose for 2012/2013 to £600 per pupil and will be £900 per pupil in 2013/2014. Nationally, the total amount of Pupil Premium payments in 2013/2014 will be £1.65 billion.

Local Liberal Democrat Chells county councillor and Manor borough councillor, Robin Parker said “Liberal Democrats in government are repairing the damage to the nation’s finances left by the last Labour government, and trying to build a strong economy and a fair society where everyone has the opportunity to get ahead. To do that we need to make sure that children are not held back by poverty or disadvantage.”

“Specifically, in my county council Chells Division, there are four schools, and this is how much each school will get in Pupil Premium in 2013/2014:

Camps Hill Primary School £104,400

Lodge Farm Primary School £40,500

Marriotts Secondary School £259,200

Nobel Secondary School £170,100.”

“The town-wide totals for Pupil Premium in 2013/2014 are:

All Stevenage Primary Schools £1,726,470

All Stevenage Secondary Schools £1,171,800.”

“For too long, social background has been a major deciding factor in a child’s chances for the future. I am proud that Liberal Democrats are helping every school student in Stevenage to reach their full potential.”

“The money does not just help the poorest children. It helps every child. Fewer children falling behind means less disruption in class and a better education for everyone.”

“The money can be used by each individual school as that school sees best for each child. For example:

  • extra tuition
  • better IT resources
  • special equipment
  • closer work with parents
  • specialist help.”