Robin ParkerDear Sir

In your report ‘Footpath access is restricted’ (Comet, 7 February, page 3) you state that the gates to the perimeter path of the new Marriotts /Lonsdale Schools building, are locked at night through to morning. This is not correct.

It is true that the three gates (at Brittain Way, Fry Road and Priestley Road) were to have been permanently locked at night by decision of Balfour Beatty but, when I found out about this plan, I made objections through Hertfordshire County Council on behalf of many residents who use the gates early or late each day. I never got a reply but the locking never happened. The next I knew was that the gates had been replaced by the kissing gates.

These kissing gates were not locked either but they are entirely impossible for wheelchair and mobility scooter users to get through, as shown in the photograph you published, and as demonstrated by the local resident pictured. I immediately raised objections to these three unsuitable kissing gates, on behalf of wheelchair or mobility scooter users, or others, who could not get through them, and who were therefore being discriminated against. I am pleased to report that on 8 February, they were all removed.

There is now free access to the perimeter of the site for disabled and others.

However, security of the site is still a concern. I have also asked several times why the flimsy and badly set wood fence which Balfour Beatty have put all around perimeter of the site cannot be moved a couple of metres inwards, thus leaving the perimeter path outside the fence. This would ensure all local residents can continue to use this pedestrian route as they have been doing since the1960s, whilst at the same time securing the school site.

Yours sincerely

Robin Parker