Robin ParkerLiberal Democrat group leader on Stevenage Borough Council (SBC), Robin Parker, has highlighted continuing problems with the SBC public web site. He said: “These days, web sites are an important means of communicating with customers (in this case, council taxpayers) for all organizations. For some time, I have been appalled by some of the missing links and poor indexing of the SBC public web site, which makes it difficult or impossible to find what you want.”

“I have raised the issues more than once, and have been told that they date back to when the “new” web site was launched in August 2011.  The SBC IT officials should have got it sorted by now. One wonders if they knew what they were buying or if they pre-tested it thoroughly first – it would appear not, in both cases.”

He has reported to the officials as follows:

“Whenever I use the so called site “Search Engine”, it is absolutely useless. It just does not bring up obvious important information.

For example, I wanted a list of the Scrutiny Committee Chairs. I put in “Scrutiny” “Scrutiny Committees” and “Scrutiny Chairs” and each gave nothing found as the response.

So I tried “Scrutiny and Development Committees”. Still nothing.

This really is not good enough. I tried “Members Allowances” and got nothing.

I have had similar problems for months on most searches.

What is wrong with it and how soon can it be put right?

It is not just the failing Search facility that I am highlighting.  Try and find a telephone number for the Golf Centre, under “g”. It isn’t there.

Also, the site works much too slowly.”

“I am told by officials that they will look at these problems when they have the time and money. But we have been waiting 18 months and there has been no significant progress. This should be a higher priority. Currently, council taxpayers are not getting value for money from this investment” Robin Parker concluded.