Robin ParkerLocal Chells county councillor and Manor borough councillor, Liberal Democrat Robin Parker, has announced success over the newly erected Vehicle Message Sign (VMS) on the verge of Six Hills Way, near the junction with Marlborough Road, which will be removed by Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) highways engineers.

Robin Parker said “The sign was one of 12 new vehicle message signs around Stevenage, but I received a number of complaints from local Chells residents about it. Amongst our concerns were that it was an eyesore near houses and that it was positioned too close to a pedestrian crossing point, with a central island, where there has been at least one fatality in recent years, and we feared that it might act as a distraction to drivers on Six Hills Way when approaching that crossing.”

“I arranged a meeting at the site with highways engineers and local residents on Friday 8 March and, as a result of that, I am pleased to report that the HCC engineers told me that they have now agreed to remove the sign. It will be removed as soon as contractors have work capacity to do so.”

“Instead, two smaller electronic signs, carrying only two lines of text, rather than four, will be fitted in different locations. Each of them will be combined with smaller metal direction signs, and they will replace much larger metal direction signs.”

“The two locations are expected to be:

(1)  On the left of Chells Way, approaching the roundabout of Six Hills Way/Chells Way, instead of the current metal direction sign.

(2)  On the left of Six Hills Way, approaching the Six Hills Way/Chells Way roundabout, from Gresley Way, instead of the current metal direction sign.”

“Both locations now agreed by HCC engineers are exactly what I requested a month ago when the VMS first appeared. I have asked that residents close to the new locations be consulted” concluded Robin Parker.