Robin ParkerLocal Chells Liberal Democrat county councillor Robin Parker, who is also borough councillor for Manor, has announced that the VMS (Variable Message Sign) which was placed on the verge of Six Hills Way, near the junction with Marlborough Road, was taken down at about 19.20 Monday 8.4.2013.

HCC have placed more than a dozen such signs around Stevenage, as part of a programme. The Stevenage signs will cost £201,000. Local residents complained that:


  • they had not been consulted;


  • it was dangerously positioned near a pedestrian crossing point and would distract drivers;


  • it was ugly.

“For these reasons, I put a formal objection about the sign to HCC, I raised it at a full county council meeting, and I held a meeting on site recently with local residents and officials of the Highways Department at HCC” said Robin Parker.

“I was told on Friday that it would go shortly after 7pm on Monday 8 April and this is what I told residents. I was there to see it go, bang on time at 19.20!”

“it will be replaced by two other smaller signs in different locations – one on Gresley Way and one on Chells Way, and I have asked for local residents to be consulted first this time” concluded Robin.