Robin ParkerChells Liberal Democrat county councillor, Robin Parker, who is also a borough councillor, reports that he noticed many street lights out in Stevenage yesterday evening (Sunday 14.4.2013) and that he has since received some reports from residents stating the same observation.

“I have taken the issue up this morning at the highest level with street lighting engineers at Hertfordshire County Council (HCC), who are responsible for most of the street lights in Stevenage. In summary, they do not know the reason, but are investigating.”

“My personal view is that the problem is likely to be related to a similar problem, in some other areas of Hertfordshire, which has happened near the clock change and spring equinox (near the end of March) in 2012 and 2013. This was due to a batch of faulty electronic chips, fitted by the HCC contractor who changed the street lights over for the street light switch off in 2012. However, the problem with this idea is that we are now not at the end of March. Also, the contractor was supposed to have sorted this error some time ago.”

“Whatever the reason, the fact is that HCC seem to be in a permanent bungle over street lights. First, despite our local opposition, they went ahead with the switch off. Then the chips fitted for the switch off turn out to be faulty. Their contractor tried to fix the problem. Now a similar problem has arisen in Stevenage, after the main problem, and after it was meant to have been fixed.”

“Why do they not just simplify it and put all the lights back on again? The  problems are due entirely to the insistence of the Tories at HCC in mucking about with our street lights.”