Hertfordshire County Council

Chells Division

Result of election held 2.5.2013

Votes          %        % change compared with 2009

Robin Parker                              1368     38.1%     +0.7%

Labour                                              893        24.9%     +4.6%

UKIP                                                  767      21.4%      +10.8%

Conservative                                 482        13.4%     -13.4%

Green                                                    67       1.9%     -1.9%

TUSAC                                                  15       0.4%     *

Liberal Democrat majority                    475     13.2%

Swing from Conservative to UKIP 12.1%

* No candidate in 2009


Elsewhere in Stevenage

There are 6 HCC seats in Stevenage and, as we expected, Labour won 5 of them (they already held 2 of them and gained 3 from the Conservatives). The sixth seat was of course Robin Parker’s Chells seat.

Elsewhere in Hertfordshire

The Conservatives remain in overall control of Hertfordshire County Council, as they have been since 1999. The main opposition group remains the Liberal Democrats. The 77 seats are now:

Conservative            46     -9

Liberal Democrat    16     -1

Labour                        15    +12

Others                          0      -2

Robin Parker said: “I would like to thank sincerely all the residents of Chells who voted for me. I would especially like to thank those who normally support another party, but voted for me this time.

The other candidates in Chells also have my appreciation and thanks for conducting a fair fight and giving the voters a choice.

I will of course represent all residents of Chells to the best of my ability, whoever they voted for or, indeed, if they voted for no-one.

As always, we ran a very local campaign in Chells, about local Chells concerns – which is of course what any local election should be about, rather than national issues.

I was first elected to a council seat in Chells in 1982 and my intention is to continue to look after Chells in council related matters, to continue to stay in touch with residents and listen to them, even when there isn’t an election, and to continue to take up council related casework problems.

My Liberal Democrat team try our best to work really hard for Chells all year round and I must also express my thanks to them for all their support at all times.”

Cllr. Robin Parker C.C.

[email protected]


Robin Parker first moved to Chells (in Siddons Road) 52 years ago. He still lives near The Glebe. He knows the area very well and has the knowledge and experience to continue representing the residents of Chells Division.