A new pedestrian (zebra) crossing opened on the evening of Tuesday 10 December, on the busy Mobbsbury Way, in Manor Ward of Stevenage Borough Council (SBC) and Chells Division of Hertfordshire County Council (HCC).

It is north of the original zebra crossing (which is still there) and between the new entrance to the newly re-built Nobel School and the southernmost junction with Dryden Crescent.

Local borough and county councillor, Liberal Democrat Robin Parker, who initiated and  promoted the new crossing, and also funded much of the costs of the crossing from his HCC Locality Budget and HCC Highways Locality Budget, visited soon after the Belisha beacon lights were turned on, in the early evening, and checked that all of it was correct and working properly.

He said: “I am really pleased at last to have got this crossing open.  I am sure that this new crossing will help road safety on Mobbsbury Way. There are around 2000 school students who attend the two nearby schools (Nobel secondary and Lodge Farm primary) and walk along Mobbsbury Way at least twice each day, many of whom need to cross the road, and they and all other residents now have an additional safe crossing point.”

“It was a struggle to get all the required funding together for it – the total cost has been about £55,000 – and so I needed to commit large amounts of my local budgets to the project. Some years ago I promised I would do this and get the crossing done as quickly as possible, and this I have done.”

“The history of the issue is that, in Autumn 2009, there were three personal injury accidents to Nobel School students at this location. Soon after, at a local public meeting, residents demanded an extra crossing. I promised them that I would get onto it immediately, which I did. The delays have been entirely due to two things.

First, the re-development work at Nobel School, because the crossing could not be built until both that and the associated footway works were completed, which was  a few weeks ago. Also, the rules state that, before any new zebra crossing can be built, a lot of planning and preparation has to be done, including a full safety audit, all of which costs money and takes time.”

“I want to thank the officials and others at HCC Highways for doing the job efficiently and to a high standard and overcoming numerous obstacles along the way.”

“I hope that it will be well used by all who need to cross Mobbsbury Way near that point and that it will significantly cut the risks to road users and prove to be a wise way for me to have invested some of my share of local tax payers’ council tax.”