As you are aware the Borough Council in partnership with Hertfordshire County Council carried out repair works to the existing access road and footpaths outside 133 to 178 Chells Way in Nov / Dec 2010.

Since the repairs were carried out I have received a number of complaints from residents in this area  expressing concern about the condition of the access road and in particular when it rains areas of the road ponding suggesting that the grasscrete ( roadway ) is not draining sufficiently.

Money has finally been made available to carry out some improvement works to the road which include taking out the first section of blocks outside Numbers 139 to 151 and replacing with a tarmac roadway.   The works will also involve installing a new drainage channel and 3 gullies connected into a Sustainable Urban Drainage system ( Soakaway ).  I also propose to take out a section of blocks outside numbers 153 to 165 and if possible replace with the existing blocks taken from outside numbers 139 to 151 or alternatively replace with new Eco blocks .

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

I have been in touch with the Contractor and I have been given a start date of 6th January 2014.   I’m afraid that due to the location of the  phase of the works it will be necessary for the road to be closed for the duration of the works to enable the job to be completed  in a correct and safe manner.  The Contractor has confirmed that it will take approximately 4 to 5 weeks depending on the weather to complete, therefore,  I’m afraid that all residents will need to find alternative parking over this period.