KyteLabour dominated Stevenage Borough Council has come under fire from opposition group leader, Liberal Democrat Robin Parker, for wasting a further  £5,000 of council taxpayers’ money removing the yellow plastic ‘kite’ that has been suspended above the town centre pedestrian walk ways, near Primark, since August 2006. It was originally put in place at a cost of £58,000.

“The thing was hideous and it served absolutely no practical or aesthetic purpose” said Robin Parker. “It was too thin, too high up and too irregular in shape to be a shelter from rain. It had discoloured and deteriorated further in recent years and was a real eyesore.”

“Although this blot on the landscape had gone, it has swallowed up a total of £63,000 of council funds, which could have been used on more beneficial purposes for the residents and council taxpayers’ of Stevenage. In the current economic climate, this is a waste of taxpayers’ money.”

He continued: “The kite appeared without consultation or discussion in August 2006 and, when I made enquiries, it turned out that it had cost £58,000 and had been paid for out of funds given to Stevenage Borough Council by a developer, and the money had to be used for town centre improvements. It was hardly an improvement!”

“Now, without discussion or notice to councillors, officials have paid a further £5,000 to have it removed. It was taken down last week.”

“I am glad to see the back of it but not pleased to see the back of £63,000 of Stevenage council taxpayers’ money” concluded Robin Parker.