20's PlentyHertfordshire County Council has approved a new Speed Management Strategy at the Highways Panel on Tuesday 4th February that will now allow for the easier implementation of 20mph limits and zones.

Liberal Democrat Group Leader and Highways spokesperson, Cllr Stephen Giles-Medhurst, (Central Watford and Oxhey) welcomed the decision that followed public consultation on the draft strategy, saying:

“Liberal Democrats in Government had pushed for changes in the transport policy that made bringing in 20mph limits and zones easier and cheaper.  I am glad that at last Hertfordshire County Council has caught up with public opinion and government policy.”

“Even so the policy still seemed to be restrictive so I was pleased that my amendments – that campaigners wanted – were agreed in the final document. I now look forward to seeing more 20mph zones and limits introduced where residents want them.”

“It’s a fact that the 20mph limits will reduce traffic speeds, making it safer for pedestrians and cyclists and reducing the risk of more serious accidents,”