Two heavily used mini roundabouts in Chells, Stevenage, were finally repaired, re-surfaced and new road markings painted in two overnight works on 17/18 and 18/19 February 2014.

They are at the junction of Fairlands Way/Chells Way and the junction of Fairlands Way/Webb Rise. The work was done by the Highways Department at Hertfordshire County Council.

“I first brought the poor state of these two mini roundabouts to the attention of the (then) Hertfordshire Highways consortium 3 years ago” reports local borough and county councillor Robin Parker. “The raised section in the mini roundabouts was crumbling away and they were a road hazard. The work was supposed to have been done by the previous contractor, but the contractor failed to do so. When the contract ended, with the demise of Hertfordshire Highways in October 2012, the jobs got lost and no-one seemed to want to take responsibility for them.”

“Since then, I have been chasing the jobs up dozens of times and meanwhile the state of the mini roundabouts became so bad that it was impossible (unless drivers knew the road) for anyone to tell that there was supposed to be a mini roundabout there at all.”

“The new specification from safety engineers is that there should not be a raised section in the middle, as the old mini roundabouts had, so they are basically just a painted circle with circulation arrows, but at least the road has been repaired and re-surfaced all around the mini roundabouts and the re-painting done.”

“I have looked at it, and the finished job seems good – but I will keep highlighting unacceptable delays due, in this case, to what seems to be administrative bungles.”