Liberal Democrats LogoThe Liberal Democrat Group on Hertfordshire County Council are demanding action to ensure that the County recovers from recent severe floods, and ensure that everything is done to learn from this and prevent it happening again.

The Liberal Democrats have tabled a motion to Full Council on 25th Feb to ensure that Hertfordshire acts to protect local people and businesses from this ever happening again.

Leader of the Liberal Democrats and Opposition on HCC, Stephen Giles-Medhurst (Central Watford and Oxhey) said “I saw first-hand the terrible flooding and how this affected local people.  We must make sure that County properly resources the recovery and clean-up, and that if weather like this hits us again we are better prepared.”

Text of Motion on Flooding:

This council wishes to place on formal record its thanks to all staff and its contractors, who working tirelessly in partnership with other councils, agencies and the emergency services to respond to the recent and current flooding to do as much as possible to protect residents’ homes and businesses.

Council notes that Government has a Severe Weather Recovery scheme from which the Council has applied for funding and that the European Union has a Solidarity Fund to which the UK has contributed and is designed to provide emergency aid after such natural disasters and requests the Leader to investigate how the County might seek any additional funding it requires from these sources.

While recognising this weather has been exceptional by past standards the County now has a statutory duty to investigate flooding and the need to understand better the impacts of the recent events.  The Council must now plan for similar occurrences and learn from any omissions or failures which may have contributed to the scale of the flooding-related problems in Hertfordshire.  Particular attention should be paid to how the resilience of the county’s infrastructure against recurrence of such events can be strengthened, especially on gully maintenance, and whether any improvements can be made in cross authority and cross agency working.

Accordingly this council requests that reports on these issues be brought to the applicable Cabinet Panels.